About Me

Who are you?
I'm Sarah. I'm 30-something years old, a wife of 7ish years, and a mom of two kids. Super cute, huh? I live in Central Florida.

What do you do for a living?
I'm a graphic designer for a school book publisher by day and I really like it. I clearly remember the day in 6th grade I decided that's what I wanted to do... though then it was called "commercial art". Went to college for it and here we are.

Where'd this blog come from?
I started this blog in March of 2011 so I'd have a place to keep all of my sewing projects (with a little encouragement from my friend Katherine at SewWoodsy). Up until that point, I put them on my personal facebook page where I'm sure most people were just annoyed. Since then I've morphed into mostly DIY projects. I have expensive taste and modest pockets. This combo leads a lot of ingenuity and saw dust. (Not to mention countless trips to Goodwill).

How often do you post?
As often as I can come up with cool things to show you... usually a few times a week. How's that for specific? You see, I have a job that pays me money... which I have to do first in order to buy Cheerios and socks and fun stuff like that. When I'm not being creative for real work, I'm home cooking dinner, giving baths, working on "sight words", and washing underwear.  If all of that stuff happens to get done... I do a blog post.

How do you find the time to do these projects while working and having small kids!?
I really like making things. Be it sewing, furniture, painting, etc. So it's fun, and I want to do it. That makes finding the time easier. Plus, I usually find a way for the kids to help or an even cooler activity to distract them with, while I work. The majority of my projects get done in 15 minute spurts.

Where did you learn to sew?
I taught myself to sew at the kitchen table with the help of Youtube, craft blogs, and my sewing machine manual. 

Who took all of these gorgeous photos of your darling little family?
Well thanks for asking!  My super talented photographer friend Christy did. Check her out here.