How to Make The Incredibles Halloween Costumes + Costume Contest

I've always liked Halloween and always decorated and dressed up. However, about 4 years ago I started working in an office that took Halloween to a whole new level (some might call it crazy). These people are crazy serious, not only in work on Halloween but at costume parties they throw at their own houses. Remember this post from a couple years ago? Yep, that's my office. Each year we outdo the year before. So a couple years ago the pressure was on for a full family costume so we could attend one such party and not hang our heads in shame. That year, I transformed us into The Incredibles.

Since the only part of this costume you really have to make is the logo on the shirts, I'll first show you what I gathered for us to wear. I had about half of the items already, the other stuff was purchased at Walmart, and the black work gloves are from Home Depot.

Mr. Incredible:

You'll notice Mr. Incredible is wearing a lot of women's clothing :). I could not for the life of me find men's sweat pants (because we all know he wasn't gonna wear tights) or long sleeved shirts in bright red. All the men's stuff was maroon. So, the women's section it had to be. Also, the reason he has two shirts on is because the only long sleeved bright red shirt I could find (quickly and cheaply) was women's. Women's shirts have a much larger neck hole (in general) than men's and well... Mr. Incredible was showing a little too much chest hair. I did find a men's short sleeved shirt. So he just put it on over top of the long sleeved one.

Mrs. Incredible, yep, that's me:

I had trouble finding red leggings in women's sizes so these are actually a girl's 14-16 :) Good thing they are super stretchy! They're quite the high-waters inside the boots though.

Violet and Dash:

The kid's costumes were easy since kid's clothing comes in bright colors usually anyway. "Dash" will probably have to wear girl's clothing, but he'll look really fast so it's okay. ha. They both are wearing red long sleeved t-shirts, red tights, black shoes, black gloves (I think Dash took his off), and the same orange t-shirt cut into strips for the belt. Dash has a girl's black diaper cover on over his tights and Violet has some black leggings I cut to look like small black shorts. I didn't do the mask makeup on my Dash because we were at a friend's house and I didn't want his black makeup smeared all over their furniture. I'm nice like that.

To make the Incredibles logo for the shirts:


  • Felt - Orange, Black, Yellow, White (my black is actually an old black t-shirt)
  • Scissors
  • Heat-N-Bond
  • Iron
  • Incredibles logo template - Click here for the template!
  • Printer
Step 1.
Iron Heat-N-Bond to the felt. I find cutting a rectangle of Heat-N-Bond slightly smaller than your fabric rectangle or felt works best. You want the Heat-N-Bond smaller than the fabric so you don't stick Heat-N-Bond to your ironing board. Just follow the directions on the package. You should have several pieces of felt backed with Heat-N-Bond after this step.

Step 2
Print out and cut apart the pieces of the The Incredibles logo. I have made 3 versions for you. An adult size and two smaller children's sizes.  If they don't fit the shirt you have like you want, you can scale them when you print them out or scale on a copy machine. Click here for the logos.

Step 3

Trace the pieces with the right side of them touching the Heat-N-Bond paper backing. Remember, the backing is the back of the logo that will be sticking to the shirt so you have the trace the pieces backwards in order for it to be correct when you iron it to the shirt. I forgot the backwards part and so you'll notice all of the logos on our shirts are backwards compared to the cartoon versions. No one has ever noticed so don't sweat it if you forget too. Cut them out.

Step 4
Reassemble the felt logo pieces on each shirt, peal off the backing, and iron in place. Follow the directions on the package to see how long to hold the iron down.

Now suit up and head to the party as various other motorists do triple takes of your family as you drive by. It's quite entertaining actually. I think we scared our neighbor on the way to the car.


  1. Such a cool family costume!!! And I'm pretty sure you guys won that year at our party!

  2. Thanks so much for being generous with your logo design! Our two little boys love The Incredibles, so that's our family's idea for this year. Came across your cute costumes, and was delighted to find it done just the way I was planning to do it myself, with a perfect logo already made and there for the sharing! Thank you...it's much appreciated!

    1. No problem! I loved being the Incredibles! I only wish we had taken better pictures. Let me know if you have any questions!

  3. You have probably made me Mom of The Year! So, my 5 year old had his heart set on being Dash (since February!!), but becuase life is so hectic, I ordered the costume (for $45.00) on October 15. Date wasn't too bad, right? Wrong, it is now October 26 and it hasn't even been delivered!! I spoke with the company and the 'supposedly' sent me an email indicating the shipment has been back ordered. WELL I WAS IN A PANIC!!! I couldn't breathe.....and all I could imagine was my 5 year old's face if I didn't have that Dash costume....after biting all my nails off, I Googled 'how to make a Dash costume' and poof! There was your easy-peasy directions. You have saved me and cannot thank you enough! Now, can you help me getting my nails back.......

    1. Yay! You just made my day! So glad you're going to make it. I hope they refund you that $45! The year we were the Incredibles was my favorite Halloween to date. The kids were so cute! Let me know if you have any questions!

  4. Where did you find red leggings?

    1. Could not find women's red leggings anywhere. These are girls size 14-16 from Walmart. I just cut the waistband a little ;) No one can tell with the shorts over top!

  5. Thanks for sharing your template/pattern of the logos. We have to dress up in a Disney themed costume for our annual Family X'mas party. My husband and I chose the Incredibles. This came in really handy.

  6. i just love you family. you all are so adorable.

  7. I just love your family. you all are adorable.

  8. Thanks Ariya! Great way to start the day :)

  9. Just finished making the shirts for the whole family to run a superhero 5k in. Thank you so much for the templates! They turned out great!

    1. Awesome! I'm actually running a 5K next week but it's not as cool as a superhero 5K... that sounds so fun! Glad they worked out for you. :)