Hooded Towels {and some kid-free hangout time}

So I have a BFF, a "bestie" if you will, Jess.  We met in college when we were the wise old age of 19 and since then have acquired college degrees, husbands, careers, a few kids, mortgages, responsibilities I didn't even know existed, and all the other crap that goes along with becoming an adult. Needless to say, our care-free days of getting a Starbucks, doing a little shopping, and bar hopping most nights of the week are long gone. Now we have to plan... WAY in advance... to get any sort of kid-free/husband-free girl-time fit into our lives. (Can I get an amen?) One such Saturday we decided to use our rare hangout time to sew. (Yes, I would have balked at this in the college days and called us lame... it's still a little lame... but we had a good time, don't judge.)

Jess wanted to make some hooded towels since her little man was in the too big for infant towels, a little to small for big people towels phase. I loaded up the car with all my sewing crap and headed over.  This is the tutorial we followed. To make one hooded towel you need a bath towel, half of a hand towel, and an hour or so.  Any embellishing or lining is up to you.

First step... gather supplies... for us, this included coffee. The addition of Kahlua is optional. (Note: The estimation that this towel can be completed in an hour or so assumes you are sober).

Next, read tutorial and bitch about work.

I worked on my Summer Beach Quilt (yep, still working) and bitched about work.  I think this is the 3rd time I've re-mentioned that quilt in a blog post since I started it.  There may be some rule about procrastination posting I am breaking. Maybe I should just finish it already.

Jess' son is "the third"... you know, the one after junior.  So she added a Roman numeral "3" to his towel by cutting out strips of coordinating fabric, ironing under, and sewing on.

One fun afternoon while the husbands took all 3 kids to the mall (why the mall?) we got one towel done. Well, Jess got one towel done. I was there for support and coffee. With less gossip, you could easily finish a few towels.

When the crazies got back, we made the kid try it on... and walk across the yard.

Until he tried to rip it off.

And then make a break for the lake.

Enjoy your "hangout" time!