Make a Bed Skirt Using an Old Bed Skirt

Ta-dah!  I think the guest room is officially almost finished now that we are moving out in less than a year :) I say almost because the metal headboard I got off of someone's garbage (keeping it classy) is still just leaning against the wall behind the bed, not painted like I'm planning. I have a vision of a bright yellow metal headboard against a charcoal colored wall but since we are renting the charcoal wall is going to have to wait. And let's face it, the yellow headboard just isn't going to look the same against slightly dirty primer walls. But I'm getting off track. I finished the bed skirt!

This is one of those projects that actually turned out just like I was envisioning. Don't you love when that happens? I used the old mustardy bedskirt that we inherited with the bed, and sewed my new fabric right to it. Really, a pretty simple project. Not sure why it took me so long to get my butt in gear.

Basically, I made 3 panels of my new fabric. I hemmed them on 3 sides. You will be sewing one of the long sides to the old bed skirt so no need to hem that side. Measure the panels on the old bed skirt to see what size to make them. I ignored the pleats the old skirt had and just made straight panels. Remember to account for seam allowance on all sides. (The side you don't hem will still need a seem allowance since you need some room to attach it to the old bed skirt) 

Then, to attach my new panels to the old bed skirt I laid the bed skirt on top of the bed. (See my garbage headboard poking out there?)

Then I placed my new panels, wrong sides up on top of that and pinned along the seams on the edge. This way when you flip the panel down over the side of the bed, it covers the old skirt and you see the right side of the new fabric. I drew a little picture to help illustrate that...

Once it's all pinned, sew 3 straight lines along your pins and you're done. It's a lot of fabric to shove under your machine but not impossible.

And now it's done and less mustardy!
I just love the modern feel it gives the bed now and the extra layer of pattern and texture it provides.
Now I just need some guests. Who wants to come over?! I make some mean pancakes on the weekends.