About Me

Well hello there. You clicked the About Me tab so you must want to know a little something. Or it was an accident and you're looking for a cheap way to turn an old tire into a table. Either way, I like you. Let's hang out.

I'm Sarah. A 30-something living in Central Florida with my husband of 13 years and our two kiddos. While They Snooze started in March of 2011 as a place to post the stuff I tried to make while my kids napped. Napping doesn't happen anymore so it's more like "While They're Fighting" or "While They're Watching YouTube". I do still work while they snooze, but now it's more like in the wee hours when even the hubs is snoozing too.

Let's go way back.

I've been artsy/crafty forever. My mom was a teacher at my elementary school and while she attended faculty meetings and conferences I was stuck waiting for her. Lucky for me, the art room was right next door to her classroom. The art teacher used to save all the leftover supplies from that day for me and put them all on a table. Even if he was not there I was allowed to grab some paper and get to work. I'm sure my mom appreciated the numerous dripping wet paintings I tried to smuggle into the car every day. This went on for years.

After that, on to middle school. And, guess what, my dad worked at my middle school. So, same scenario. Unfortunately, the waiting after school part... not the free art supplies part. I wasn't nearly as chummy with the middle school art teacher. I used to wait in the library during faculty meetings. This is where I discovered what I wanted to do for a living.

I knew I loved art, but I also knew chances were slim that I was gonna be the next Picasso. So I decided to research one day how I could make money at a real job while doing "art". That's when I discovered a book on "Commercial Art" (now graphic design). I was sold.

I spent the rest of my middle and high school years making things for my room mostly. I made an entire window cornice out of styrofoam and fabric one year. I upholstered the drawer fronts of a dresser I had (yes, upholstered the drawers). And in high school, they let me paint my own room. It was blue, and green, and lime. I'm pretty sure the paint store had never mixed entire gallons of those colors before.

On to college where a good chunk of my courses were fine art and art history. All 3 of my college roommates were nursing majors and while they stressed over passing nursing boards, I painted in my room. :) I majored in Graphic Design and have been working as a designer/design manager/art director in marketing for many years now.

The blog.

My blog focuses on ways to decorate on the cheap. A lot of times that means looking around your house and reusing things you already have in a new way. Cheap is great, but free is my favorite. I always have the attitude that I can do any DIY project. Set me free with a YouTube video, an instruction manual, and some tools and I'll get it done. If I can figure it out, you can figure it out. We're all people just learning a new skill.

I sew, I build, I glue, I paint. If it's too expensive in the store, I can probably figure out a way to make something similar. I love thrift stores and Goodwill and garage sales. I always want to buy the worst looking thing with the most potential.

When not blogging or working I'm at a kid's sporting event, running, picking a child up or dropping a child off, drinking coffee, or working on a house project.

Still not satisfied? I spilled a few more beans in this post.