Old Shirt Upcycle

The guest room is coming together!  My thrift store/Craig's List mojo is in full swing for this one and the accessories are no exception.  I already DIY'd my chevron curtains and revamped a trashed chair, now time for a pillow and something for the walls.  For this post, I bought nothing.. can I get a woo hoo for free?!

I started with this shirt I got from The Limited forever ago.  I think I wore it twice.  Oh yeah, it looks good on the hanger (I already cut one sleeve off before the picture), and I love the lace... but those sleeves fell down constantly.  Ugh.  And, when they did stay up, I still had bra straps galore. So since I'm not a 13 year old girl that can get away with bra straps as an accessory (and I hate strapless bras... don't even go there... they don't work on me), and I like my sleeves to stay on my shoulders, I decided this shirt would be much more useful in non-shirt format. So I cut it up.

And turned it into this...

Cute pillow, eh? Since my side chair wasn't the cushiest, a little lumbar pillow is just perfect.  I stuffed it with an old crappy pillow that was on my bed in college (yep, I save old pillows in hopes of redoing them one day) and left the scalloped lace edge out on one side.  I think this took a total of 30 minutes to make, and like I said, was completely free!

After the pillow, I still had some shirt leftover (and some spray paint from when I redid the chair).  I rummaged through a closet and found an old black frame I planned on filling up with kid's pictures one day (never got around to that project). I sprayed it yellow and stapled the lace to the corners.  The prints inside are free postcard samples from a paper company I got at work.  Easy peasy and free!
And if you're wondering...  that mirror on the left is from a thrift/antique store I got on trip while visiting my sister last year.  The "j" is for "Jamey", my husband, and I think I got that at a Home Goods type store about 7 years ago.  It's moved around my house many times in its life. And the Eiffel Tower print is actually one I bought at the real Eiffel Tower when I got to go to Paris after college graduation many years ago. But seriously... a ripped out newspaper print would work just as well.  Use what you have! More guest room to come soon!