Thrifty Finds

I've gotten a lot of comments and questions about shopping Goodwill (and other thrift/second hand/consignment stores).  So, I figured I'd document my trips to that wonderful smelly place with isles and isles of used crap, and show you what I find and how I find it.

I usually shop Goodwill because it's big and the selection is endless.  But, I have shopped the tiny thrift shops too where you have to get over being the only person in there and the shop owner staring at you the entire time. Both have something to offer.  Goodwill = selection. Tiny thrift = unique deals/better prices (usually).

On this trip, I hit up Goodwill.  Find the one in the biggest city near you.  It will have the best selection. 

Thrift Tip: Nothing is going to be displayed like it is in a department store.  At the mall, they have people who are paid to set stores/merchandise up so you want to buy.  At Goodwill, it's all shoved together so everything kind of looks like crap.  You have to see past the environment you are in, and look only at the item.  Imagine what it would look like on a Target shelf for example... not on a Goodwill shelf next to two ceramic pigs having tea on a park bench (I've seen it).

My favorite spots to hit are the kids clothing section, the housewares stuff, the non-clothing fabric stuff (sheets, curtains, table cloths, etc) and the kids books.

Here are this month's finds:

Brand new rain boots from Target with the tags still on.
They are about 2 years away from fitting my little guy, but he will grow in to them before I know it. If it's a good deal... buy big.

Ann Taylor Loft work pants in my size!
I didn't try them on and sadly, they don't fit great... a little boxy.  Sooo, I'm going to alter them.  For $3.50, it's worth the learning process even if I screw them up.

A boat load of fabric. (my pants are folded in there too)

Here's the fabric breakdown:

Giant shower curtain?
Not sure what this is but it's a nice light beige, has a good weave pattern, and is 100% cotton. AND, it's huge!  I think it's like 4 yards of fabric... woo hoo.

Pillow Case
Old and a nice summery floral. I've been wanting to make this Ruffle Sleeve Top from Sparkle Power for a while. I think it might be time.

Toddler bed duvet cover from IKEA.
Love the polka dots!  It's probably 3 yards total since it has 2 sides. Toddler dress maybe?

That's it this time.  Go support Goodwill and save some money.  No one will know it's used unless you tell them... or are like me and announce it : )

Happy shopping.


  1. I love your finds!! Goodwill is sometimes amazing :)

  2. I love Goodwill! I also buy lots of sheets and such to use for fabric. I think my closet is now almost all Goodwill finds (I love all the Ann Taylor/GAP stuff I find). I don't feel guilty if I only wear something a few times then re-donate it. I'm so cheap now I can't bring myself to pay retail prices!