Jimmy Buffett gone Village People

After my thrifty finds shopping last month and finding the giant shower curtain, I had a vision in my head of some beach pants for my little man.  The vision was something like this, minus the sexy factor.
My kid is a baby after all. Sexy would just be creepy. (Let's just take a moment and admire Kenny there... Ahhhh, ok, enough.) I was going for a baby version in the spirit of the above pants.  Think Jimmy Buffett baby pants (JBBP? No?).  Instead, I got something like a bad Village People costume.

I started with my shower curtain from Goodwill and a remnant of a Hawaiian print I got at Walmart.
Then, I took a pair of his pants that fit a little big and used those as a template.
I folded the pants and the shower curtain in half and aligned the bottom hem of the pants with the side of the shower curtain so I wouldn't have to hem : )  And align the side of the pants with the side fold of the shower curtain. Then I cut roughly along the pink dotted line.  Remember to add lots of room to the top so you can fold over your elastic casing.
Then, I took the leg I just cut out, flipped it over and traced out another leg.  You need two after all.
Now, you sew the crotch parts together.  I stopped taking pictures at this point and crafted my disco-tastic pants sans camera.  Here is a great tutorial on how to make kid pants if you want to give it a shot.

Here's what I learned while constructing these pants he will never wear again.

  1. Don't use such bright bold fabric for the cuffs... looks a little too costume-ish.
  2. Move the pockets up to where he could actually use them... if babies actually used pockets.
  3. Leave more room in the rise!  I made this mistake last time too. Doh.  I thought I left enough room, but his booty is still quite cramped in there.
  4. Go drawstring next time.
So, even though they came out way not like I wanted, I still got a good laugh.. and learned something.  To quote my husband, "You're not going to make him wear those, are you?"


  1. I think they're so cute--I would totally make my son wear them. My husband has learned to keep his comments to himself!

  2. I think they are adorable, though I see what you mean about needing more rise. I think I'm going to try them for my 6 year old-- thanks!

    -The Flaming Maiden

  3. These are adorable! I don't mind admiring Kenny either. Wink, wink. Thanks for putting in the pointers about what you would do different next time.