The Pixie Shirt

Don't really know why I named it The Pixie Shirt.  Too much Tinkerbell maybe? I don't know.

If this shirt looks familiar it's because it's made from the Ikea duvet cover I got at Goodwill in Thrifty Finds part 1. I love that thing!  Still have tons of fabric left over. It's probably been washed a thousand times and still vibrant.  I especially love it paired with my favorite color of bias tape both as the straps and the hem.  I think I've used this same teal on 5 projects now.  Sorry people of Central Florida looking for teal bias tape.... I bought it out. My bad.

I started with Simplicity pattern 4203 to make this shirt.  That said, I really had no idea what I was doing with the pattern. It was an impulse buy at Walmart one day. I kind of read the directions (what the H are those little triangles for?!) then just cut what I thought I needed and made up most of the sewing myself. Welcome to sewing with Sarah!

I really like swirly effect the bottom has with the bias tape.  And, the thick elastic across the back makes it really comfortable. (Did you notice I tinted the garage door in this picture?... kind of looks like pee to me now...hmmm... bad call).

Even if I didn't do it like the pattern intended, I discovered a new method of making shirts/bodices that I'm loving; A tailored bodice in the front that's two pieces of fabric thick (that's probably called something) and elastic across the back only. The flat front makes it look so much neater and you can sandwich your straps in between the "lining" and the outer fabric completely hiding the raw ends.

Perfect for hanging out.

And twirling of course.

And picking up random rocks or mulch as your plumber's crack hangs out. Maybe I should make the next version a smidge longer. : )


  1. LMAO! Sewing with Sarah sounds like Everything with Tara. I pretty much just interpret the directions in my own way and make it look similar.

  2. Haha. Awesome. I think I skipped half of the directions and still came out with a functional shirt. So the lesson here... don't follow directions. hahaha

  3. SARAH! This shirt is adorable! And I love the red polka dots and aqua. I might be officially obsessed!