New Camera

So I got a new camera for Christmas!  Well, new for me camera... it was used on ebay.  And, I already had lenses from a film SLR I had way back in the day, so I just bought the body (and a remote!). But I'm still really excited.

Up until this point, all of the pictures on my blog have been taken with my point and shoot Nikon and my phone... Including the pictures in this post of the new camera. No really.

Nice huh? That's what I'm working with. (I've since upgraded to an iPhone too. It's been a big December for me).

Notice the shattered screen on the camera. Nope, that's not glare... that's what it looks like when you look at the screen.  Most of it is completely black thanks to a Halloween party incident where I may have dropped the camera after a couple Halloween beverages dressed as Mrs. Incredible. (heh... nervous laughter) Sooo, you just kind of have to aim the camera at what you are trying to take a picture of and hope it works out.  Needless to say, I could use a new one.

So I'm very excited to begin learning all about my Nikon D80.  I'm hoping it improves my blog photography and gives you something prettier to look at. (How can it not?)

So until I get around to photographing a sewing project (and I have several backed up), I'll keep practicing on my kids.  Not bad, eh?

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