Entry Table Makeover

So I'm kind of in a house funk. Ever been there?  We've lived in this house for 7 years and out grew it about 3 years ago (understatement).  We've been ready to move for a long time and it finally looks like that dream may be within reach by next year (we'll see). Because I am over this house and already planning my non-existent dream house of the future, I'm not excited about putting any money into current house projects.  That said, my foyer was drab and dark and bugging me. I had $20 bucks and 1 nap time. Let's get crafty.

Here's what I started with. A cute little foyer table from Target my parents bought me as a house warming gift when I bought my first tiny house way back when. The knobs are already removed here.

The frames (from IKEA) and pictures were already there. Well, not already there as in, there when we moved in. Those are my kids, I put the frames there. But I put them there a few years ago, before the great house funk of 2011 started. Glad we're clear. (That baseboard could use a touch up, eh?)

I took the table outside (on the coldest day of the year I might add... we live in Florida, it wasn't that cold... but still, I had to wear a jacket).

Sanded the whole thing with fine grit sandpaper. (I did put a mask on shortly after this)

Then it looked like this.

After the sanding, I wiped all of the dust off and got some paint. Gloss... oooohh, shiny.

Then I gave it a light coat all over.

And then the top did this...
Ummm, Houston, we have a problem.  The legs and sides were fine... the top went all crackly on me.  The only thing I can think of is that I clean the top often with a furniture spray... and not the sides or legs.  Maybe there was a lot of residue left on the top and I should have sanded more? Hmmm, what to do?

Get coffee.  Helps with the thinking.  I decided to let crackle-tastic coat 1 dry, then re-sand the top before applying coat 2.

I did that, and after 3 coats, it still looks like this.  I've decided to name it the "rustic finish" and call it a day. :)

The colorful frames are from TJ Maxx clearance (I think they were $5 and $6), I had the lamp (which I think originally was from Home Depot), the vase was an anniversary gift, and most of the branches are from my yard. So for less than $20, I revamped my sad foyer... even if it is a little more "rustic" than I planned.


  1. Looks great!!!!! I bet no one will even notice the "rustic" finish! You can't see it except in the close up shots. :)

  2. I love your creations - quilts, revamped foyer table, blogs, and most of all, your sense of humor!!! It seems that you're creating most items for yourself or family. However, if you are ever interested in selling any items, please visit the "Home" page, "Web Store" and "Fabulous Finds" section of my Etsy-like site, WhimsicalCreations.Org for more information regarding featuring your original creations on my site to sell. I live in Orlando and am trying to provide a forum for myself, as well as other local creators to expose and sell their creations. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Natalie@WhimsicalCreations.Org

  3. I think it may have done that since it was colder outside. I have spray painted tons of things in our house and the one time I tried to paint something in the winter in tx the crackletastic happened to me too! On the paint instructions it says it must be a certain temp outside , I never follow instructions but probably should have that day :) your table looks good though regardless!

    1. Ohhhhh, that makes so much sense! It was like 40 degrees that day. I never bother to look at the temp instructions either since we're in Florida and it's just always hot! (like when baking instructions have different temps for "high altitude".. who pays attention to that?) haha Thanks! :)

  4. Its the varnish / oils in the wood. I had the same problem with a project. No matter how much you sand, the wood will reject the paint. You have to prime it (sadly) to block the stuff in the wood from reacting to the spray paint. One coat of Killz did it for me.