DIY Chevron Curtains Tutorial

Lately I have come to the realization that I have a problem.  When shopping for home decor (curtains, furniture, fabric, lamps, etc...  Who am I kidding, I do it with clothes too) I find things I love in stores and online, look at the price, and immediately think... WHAT?!  Who are they kidding?  It's not even lined! I can make that!  This happens several times a day, usually. The result is a list of projects a mile long, a house full of Goodwill furniture, and 25 trips to Home Depot.

That's pretty much the story with my DIY Chevron Curtains.  I'm in the process of creating a guest room/sewing room.  I say "creating" because we did not have a guest room in our previous house and I'm starting from nothing.  A completely empty room.  I decided the theme is going to be yellows and grays (are you realizing what room the side chair is for?) and started to look for curtains.  Ummm, yeah... I just can't do it.  $50 per panel or more at most stores.  Even Target curtains are in the $30 per panel range and that's not even a cool pattern.  Call me cheap, I don't care.  Time to hit up Pinterest for some DIY ideas.

In my search I came across Painted Faux Ombre Chevron Curtains from Owen's Olivia. I LOVE them! Time to break out the 3m painter's tape and make some chevrons!  Off to Home Depot!


  • Curtains to paint (Mine were 2 leftover IKEA panels that were in my son's room at the last house)
  • Paint (craft or house paint)
  • Tape (I used 3M ScotchBlue Painter's Tape, 2" size... you will need 2 rolls if you don't reuse some tape from one panel to the next)
  • A small roller and tray
  • Fabric Medium (I used Martha Stewart Tintable Fabric Medium)
  • Ruler
  • Big drop cloth or some painter's plastic

Step 1: Tape off a boarder.
This step is optional but I like the look of a boarder on all the sides. Also, in the Owen's Olivia tutorial she mentioned they paint bled a little when she painted over the seams... so I avoided the seams. (Power Wheels school bus keeping me company to the left)

Step 2: Mark out your first row of chevrons.
I decided I wanted 4ish zig zags across my curtains. I measured the width of my curtains in between the taped boarder (54"), divided by 9 since that's how many points I would need to make 4 zig zags. That gave me 6. So I put a small dot with a washable fabric pencil every 6 inches. Then every other dot, I measured up 6" and put a dot there. This is where the points of my chevrons are. You can make your chevrons as close or as wide as you want. Looking at the pictures might clear that up a bit. (I promise that is the last of the math on this project)

Step 3: Begin taping your first row.
Start from the corner and make the inside points of your chevrons line up with your dots (look at the 2nd photo if that's confusing). Once you have them lined up, trim the edges into a nice clean point... like this. I just used the edges of the cross tape as a guide.

Step 4: Use strips of tape as spacers and tape the rest of your chevrons.

Congratulations... the hard part is over. Now it's just a matter of using tape as a spacer and adding row after row until you get to the other end of your panel. Remember to go back and trim your points like in step 3.

Step 5: Roll out some plastic and get ready to paint.
You can use whatever you want to protect your floors. I had a roll of painter's plastic in my garage. Tape everything down so it doesn't move on you.

Step 6: Mix fabric medium and paint and get rolling.
Follow the directions on the back (I eyeballed the measurements). Mixed everything in my paint tray and started rolling with a small foam roller.

Step 7: Keep rolling!
You are going to have a seriously sore butt tomorrow from all the squatting. Trust me.
(I look sad because my butt hurts)

Step 8: Peel off the tape.
I peeled pretty much immediately after I got done painting. A few spots were still damp. Didn't seam to make a difference.
FYI: This project uses a lot of painter's tape.

Step 9: Let them dry and heat set them with an iron. 
(I may or may not have done this step) Tee hee.

You're done!
And if you're wondering if they look painted... yes, they do.  And I love it! I think it looks very Anthropologie.  If you're not into the painterly look, I'd say do two coats of paint.  They'll probably be a little crunchy, but it's not like you're snugglin' with your curtains.  So who cares, right?
And my view down the hall when I walk in the front door :)

So if you're too cheap to shell out the bucks for "real" drapes, make paint you're own! 


  1. These are cool, Sarah. Very pretty (and cheery)!

  2. neat! I want to try this on some burlap. thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Your curtain are gorgeous! Can't wait to DIY soon!

  4. Awesome! Glad you tried them out. Feel free to share these photos in the Flickr group I recently started. I love seeing what people do. :)


  5. Oh my graciousness! I saw this project on the "Creating with the Stars" host blog and I love it! I'm definitely adding this to my DIY projects list. I'm currently "creating" a big boy room/nursery for my 4 yr old and my 7 mo old; and the pattern that I've chosen (fallen in love with) is this chevron pattern. It's fun and so very kid-appropriate. This project just earned you a new subbie :)

  6. I love these...totally pinning! So bright and cheery!


    p.s. awesome job on the CWTS contest!

  7. looks beautiful. for sure next time will execute your idea

  8. looks beautiful. for sure next time will execute your idea

  9. How long did it take to do that?

  10. How long did it take to do that?

  11. Could you possibly use spray paint?

  12. you mentioned the curtains became stiff after using the paint.
    what if we use Simply Spray Upholstery Paint?
    Would that prevent the stiffness?

  13. I am in the process of taping 3 metres of curtain to create rainbow chevron curtains. It's driving my insane! NEVER. AGAIN.

    1. Oh no Alyce! Yeah, I spread out the taping over a few nights. I'd go insane trying to get it all done at once. Duck brand is making Shape Tape now. Have you heard of it? It's pretty much chevron tape already on a roll. Just stick it on... no measuring! :) It wasn't out yet when I made these curtains but I'm really hoping to give it a try.

  14. Love these! Do you think this would work with burlap?

    1. I think it would actually be easier on burlap! And, the nubby rustic burlap would look fabulous with a crisp chevron. I think that's a great idea!

  15. HELLO

    1. Hi. The paint is Behr Interior Eggshell mixed with Matha Stewart Fabric Medium. Photo in Step 6 shows the paints. Hope that helps! :)

  16. I'm obsessed with this idea! We are getting a new couch black and red couch, and we don't have any accessories yet, so I'm going to do red chevron curtains, about how much paint did you need for this project? Surely not the whole big can for 2 panels?

  17. I loveeee this idea! We are upgrading our living room with a red and black couch, so I will only be painting the curtains and maybe some photo frames. How much paint did you need for the two panels? I don't want to over buy!

    Also how much time did it take to dry? I'm thinking about doing it outside so my toddler doesn't walk all over them!

    1. Hi Elle. Thanks! I maybe used half a quart total for these two panels. They dried really fast. I did have a fan on the whole time but the first one was dry before I finished the 2nd one. (to the touch anyway) Doing it outside is a good idea but just try to have a really flat surface to roll on. (Driveway maybe?) Even the tiny grout lines in the tile I painted on gave me a little trouble. I had to roll over them a couple times to make sure the paint soaked in. Hope it goes well and I understand having to keep toddlers away from drying paint! lol