Creating with the Stars: Week 2

Did you know the plates were mine? I got 2nd place again! What the what?! Shocking because the Creating with the Stars projects this week were fantastic. I'm not going to lie... last week I was confident, this week I was certain I was getting the boot. The Ikat dresser Melissa did from 5 foot 12 creations was one of my favorites. And Amanda from Love and Renovations took a well deserved 1st. Her wood tile dresser was really good... really, really good. Can't wait to see the tutorial.

The tutorial for my Anthropologie knockoff plates will be up on East Coast Creative on Saturday. You should check it out. And, in the tutorial I forgot to provide the link to the specific botanical I used. Ooops. Here it is if you'd like to use it. :)

In the mean time... here are the always entertaining behind the scenes of last week's plate craziness. Most every project happens in the wee hours around here... explains the darkness and jammies. The kids were very interested in the self timer/tripod method of picture taking.
They took these of each other.
I'm off to start my painting project for week 3... and drink a whole lot of coffee. :)

PS... Did you see the new header? I've been working on freshening things up a bit. I like it... do you? :)

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  1. This project is sparking one of my own with a coffee mug. I also noticed I voted for you all three rounds.