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Have you been to Cut Out + Keep yet? Talk about feeding a craft addiction... you could get lost there... for a long long time. It's a great online community of crafters all sharing their tutorials. You can sign up and share your projects too. 
Google even featured Cut Out + Keep (Cat and Tom) in their latest AdSense video. What?! Yep, you can check it out here. (Love the accents!)

Cut Out + Keep's founder, Cat Morley, and her super techy fiancé, Tom Waddington, are nice enough to share their Chalkboard Bunting tutorial today with us. I love how reusable this is. Take it away, Cat.

Chalkboard Bunting
Rewritable bunting for every occasion!

I've been obsessed with chalkboard paint recently and when trying to come up 
with a fun decoration for our bookcase, the idea of chalkboard bunting came to 
mind! It's perfect because I can change the message from Happy Birthday to 
Merry Christmas, depending on the season or our mood.

  • Thin Wood
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • String
  • Hole Punch
  • Chalk
Step 1
Start by cutting triangles out of thin wood. We used some scrap 
shipping wood that came as packaging with a piece of furniture.Y
ou can buy wood triangles in craft shops, if you struggle to find a 
piece that works well. You'll need about 12 triangles to be able to 
write a nice long message.

Step 2
Paint your triangles with a coat of chalkboard paint and leave to 

Step 3
Paint with a second coat of paint and leave to dry again.

Step 4
Punch a hole at either side of the top of the triangle. My wood was thin enough to 
use a hole punch.

Step 5
Loop some string through the hole.

Step 6
Secure at the back with a knot and then string through the second hole, securing 
with another knot.

Step 7
Leave a small length of string between each triangle and continue threading 
them all on to the string.

Step 8
Now the fun part. Write on your bunting with chalk. I used a ruler to give mine a 
neat outline, but you can decorate yours however you like! 

And you’re done!
Hang up and admire your handy work!

Great idea huh? I love that the triangles are really durable so you could use them again and again without rebuying or remaking anything... and they will always look great. I will be making a set very soon, hope you will too! Thanks again to Cat from Cut Out + Keep for sending this over! She's super nice... go poke around!

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  1. girl .. My printer jammed up as I was trying to print this GREAT(NESS) ..oMGOODNESS what an awesome idea.. My wheels are turning now.. Thanks girly ..love a good tip .. Love, Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl