3 Quick and Simple Organizing Ideas

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Lately I've been trying to purge, streamline, and simplify my life as much as possible. With the start of school and sports, efficiency is the key in getting my jam-packed schedule done. In order to accomplish that, I need organization. Last week I shared my weekly planner to keep my head organized, and this week I'm sharing 3 simple tips to keep the day to day stuff organized using Gecko Tech Reusable Hooks. Because they are removable, waterproof, and reusable, they're perfect for my temporary rental abode.

1. Clean up that craft area. Since part of my job is to create and share projects on a deadline, I need a space to do that. And, because I'm doing that in between working a regular 9-5 and parenting 2 little ones, I have to get my craft on quickly. It's incredibly frustrating when I only have an allocated 30 minutes to work and I spend 10 minutes of that time trying to find a supply. It only took a minute to hang up my most frequently used bobbins, but will save me lots of minutes later when I don't have to search for them in my drawer of clutter.

2. Since I cook dinner every evening (okay, almost every evening) my kitchen has to function well. Night after night, I kept finding myself crouched on the floor pulling out 5 pots and pans just to find one lid. Not only do your quads start to burn, once you find the lid, you then have to restack everything you just pulled out. The little one always seemed to get buried under whatever had come out of the dishwasher last. 

So I did something about it. Stick a couple Gecko Tech hooks to the insides of your cabinets and you'll never have to search for the little lost lids again. Remember, they're removable and reusable so you won't damage the cabinets and can always move or reposition if your needs change.

3. Conquer those bath toys. After cooking dinner each night comes bath time and the kids love to play. Thing is, they don't love to clean up and that hanging mesh bag thing was useless before. Even when they did get the toys back in there, the suction cups never held. Especially when the toys were wet and heavy. Then it became just a big bag of wet mildew toys laying in the tub all the time. Since the Gecko Tech hooks are waterproof, you can use them in the shower. Love that. Good bye suction cups and hello to toys that might actually dry before the next bath.

That's it. 3 simple, quick, and effective ways to streamline the day-to-day stuff using Gecko Tech Reusable Hooks. If you're looking for more creative inspiration, follow the makers of Gecko Tech, The Duck Brand, on Twitter and go pick up Gecko Tech hooks at Meijer stores and soon on Amazon and at Office Max. Happy organizing.

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