Printable Monster Art

This post is sponsored by Monsters University. All opinions and ideas are 100% my own.
So, Halloween is next week. I haven't bought my candy yet for fear I will eat it all before the kids arrive. I know myself. The Almond Joys don't stand a chance. But we have been building up our Halloween anticipation in other ways. The costumes are part made and mostly bought, the decorations have been strewn about, and we've been watching Monster's University on loop for since it arrived. (Funny side note: the kids get the words University and Anniversary confused so most of the time they ask to watch "Monster's Universary". Ha!). Such a great not-so-scary option to get the kiddos (and you) in the Halloween mood.

While the kids were watching I did most of the decorating. The wall just beside the front door has been bare since we moved in. I planned on jazzing it up for Halloween but really always wanted something there year round. So, I figured out a way to do both. 

You see, we've been needing a way to display quick art besides covering the side of the fridge. You know... kid art (I could open a gallery), seasonal stuff, cool greeting cards, printables, and pictures. So, I created an easily changeable "art" display that I could decorate now for Halloween but change easily throughout the year... and it's so simple!


Clip Boards
Craft paint and brush
Command Hooks or nails
Monster Art!

Step 1:
Paint your clipboards. I chose white so anything I put on them will "go" but the color (or pattern) is up to you. It took a couple coats and dried in no time.

Step 2:
Arrange the hooks evenly on the wall and hang your boards. If you keep them in a neat row it looks more gallery-like but if random floats your boat, go with it. I use removable hooks because I'm renting but small nails would work just as well.

Step 3:
Create your own Monster art or download the printables I designed based on our favorite characters from the movie.

Did you guess who was who? Art, Don Carlton, Mike Wazowski, and Sully... but, get creative! Crayons, paint, buttons, yarn would all look fantastic. Right now I'm digging the modern look of the printables but I know soon they will be replaced with the kids' renditions. Can you see the glitter now?

Step 4:

Display and walk away! I just made that up. (I can see your eye roll from here) But really, it's so simple to give all our art it's time in the spotlight now and not have it get buried under pizza coupons on the fridge.

So go create your own Monster art while you're carving that pumpkin. Follow Monsters University on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for some fantastic art inspiration. And, Monsters University will be available on Blu-ray Combo Pack October 29th (you can click here to find it) just in time for Halloween.

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  1. Very cute printables and I love the clipboard idea for swapping kid masterpieces!

  2. So adorable! Love how they turned out!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Mari! Now I just need some Thanksgiving Turkey art to come home from school and I'm all set!