No Sew Tie Dye Applique Shirts

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Who's getting a little tired of winter and is ready for spring? While I can't send sunshine your way, I can show you a little craft that might help wipe away some of the winter blues and put you in the spring spirit. (counts right?) This weekend the kids and I made some shirts with the help of Tulip Neon paints, fabric markers, and dye found exclusively at Michaels. I know what you're thinking.... "ummmm, I don't have a Michaels close and I'm not driving in this crazy weather for craft supplies." I've gotcha covered! Just hit up iLoveToCreate.com.  During the month of February you can get free shipping on neon Tulip products when you use coupon code #NeonFEB at checkout on iLoveToCreate.com. Yes, free shipping! So sit at home in your warm fuzzy pjs and let the spring-tasticly neon supplies come to you. Love that.

Let's get started

  • White cotton fabric (could be scraps)
  • T-shirt
  • Tulip One-Step Mini Tie-Dye Kit
  • Tulip Fabric Markers
  • Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint
  • Iron-on adhesive
Step 1
Dye your fabric scraps. 
This part was so fun! I actually used pieces of old Ikea curtains that were in my scraps (yay for free!). We just followed the directions on the One-Step Mini-Dye Kit. Basically balled up the fabric in different ways and secured with the provided rubber bands. Then, filled our bottles with water and went to town. I covered the table with plastic wrap for easy clean up and so we could easily wrap up the shirts to set once we were done.

Step 2
Wash, dry, iron.
After the dye was set (several hours), I rinsed out most of the dye in the sink and then threw the pieces in the washer, then dryer. After that, they got ironed flat and I backed each one with iron-on adhesive.
(photo credit: my six year old. Which also explains the up-the-nostrils angle)

Step 3
Embellish your tie dyed fabric with Tulip Fabric Markers.
This is the part where you could really personalize. I just let the kids go wild and draw or write whatever they wanted. The iron-on adhesive on the backs helps hold the fabric nice and flat.

Step 4
Cut out shapes.
After the marker-fest was over, we looked at the masterpieces and decided what portions would look great on their shirts. Austin wanted "a GIANT moon!!" on his shirt, so we traced a plate. Then cut it out, peeled off the iron-on adhesive backing, and ironed it in place.
"I love my moon!"

Kaley did lots of "girls rock" and "love" sayings. We cut out a select few for 2 different shirts. Yep, that says "I love girls". Obviously she still finds boys gross. ;)

Step 5
Embellish with Tulip Neon Fabric Paint.
Besides the fact that the paint will help hold your applique on, it looks cool too! I made "stitches" around our love heart.

And that's it! Really cool weekend craft with the kids and tons of possibilities. This is the first time I've ever tie dyed anything. Had no idea it was that easy. I hope you'll try it. Follow along with ilovetocreate.com for more ideas.

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Did you notice the elbow patches too?! I love them!


  1. SUPER cute idea! I love how the tie dye pops against the black. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun creating these!

    1. Thanks Heather! Yes, I really like the black too! Thinking of going back for some tank tops for the summer. It was a fun project and I have tons of tie dye fabric left. :)

  2. Great idea to use tie dye for appliqué! Very creative, and it turned out so cute! The kids looked like they had a lot of fun, too :)