The Little Free Library

I'm taking a quick break today from the back porch makeover to update you on a little project I've been working on for my community. Remember this post from back in March? Back then I told you about Post Alpha-Bits and the Little Free Library program and how I was working to get one up in my neighborhood. Well it's done and I'm thrilled!

As a refresher, Post Alpha-Bits cereal worked with Little Free Library to make this project possible. They asked bloggers to install libraries in their communities to help spread the message of literacy and learning across America. The libraries are small, free-standing structures similar to large birdhouses... each one unique. The program took root in 2009 and has been growing ever since. Anyone can take a book or leave a book. Simple and effective.

My first task for the library was finding an ideal location for it. A place where people would pass often and be curious enough to take a peak inside. I decided the perfect spot would be the drop off circle at my kid's daycare. Lucky for me, they were SUPER excited to have the library for the kids (and parents) to enjoy.

We chatted a bit about how and where to install the library and ultimately decided on the "mailbox" approach as I like to call it.  I'd love to take credit for the awesome install job but Tim, the maintenance guy at the church/daycare, took this project and ran with it. 

I dropped off the library one morning and by the time I got back that afternoon it was up! He even made a little step stone path to it. Love it.

Almost every day since the library has been up there has been a kid or parent at it when I pull up. They even sent flyers home with all the kids letting the parents know how simple the concept is and not to feel shy about getting in there and seeing what books were available. 

AND, I was interviewed by the local paper about installing the library and the story ran front page :) (My parents may or may not have saved several copies) It's really neat to see so many people excited about something I helped make happen.
So I hope you'll visit the Little Free Library page, stock up on some Alpha-Bits, learn a little about the program, and maybe even become a steward in your community. I promise it's worth it.

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