DIY Bracelets for BFFs

Moving is tough ya'll. I'm not just talking about the ridiculously large furniture you have to heave around or the process of carefully wrapping each dish in bubble wrap or the large amounts of wine you have to drink (that one could just be me). I mean the change in routine, getting used to new surroundings, and moving away from everything familiar. The week we moved into this house, Kaley, my eight-year-old, came out of her room one night and just said, "I want things to be normal again". I feel ya babe. Even a month in, I still feel like I'm visiting. It's echoey and stark and I can't wait to get some pictures on the walls. We'll get there... until then, enjoy your folding chair.

Along with an unfamiliar house, we moved away from some friends. Not too far away, but farther than a quick trip down the street. Friends she would see weekly are now more like friends she might see twice a year. Such was the case when we moved 3 years ago. Kaley had a best friend named Addison and at the time, she was really young. I think they were both 4 when we moved. So they used to call each other "best friends" and dress like princesses and giggle a lot and we thought it was cute. I honestly thought they'd lose touch and each make new besties in Kindergarten when we left. I was so wrong.

These two girls have remained devoted BFFs for years now via the good old fashioned pen pal method. It's so cute to see how excited she gets when there's a letter waiting for her to open with some hand made treasures inside. Stickers, bracelets, crafts, drawings... it's all there. So when we found the Text Cool™ Bracelet Studio (available at Target, Walmart, Amazon and Toys R’ Us), Kaley immediately got to work crafting her latest gift for her long-distance BFF.

Text Cool comes with a little machine, or "studio" that actually punches the designs in the bracelets you choose. There are two wheels with a variety of letters and emoticons to design from. And the kit came with 35 bracelets and clasps, so tons to choose from (or start over if you happen to misspell something... not that that happened. Ahem). It's also virtually mess-free, which I LOVE. No glue, scissors, or glitter of any kind. Win! Perfect craft to let the kids run wild with while making dinner.

I helped make the first one and then she was off to the races even happily showing her brother how to make his own. Just slide the bracelet in, turn the wheel to the letter or picture you want, and punch. You could probably crank a new bracelet out in a minute.

I think Austin made a bracelet for his favorite soccer team, college football team, cousins, friends, the dog... you know, the usual. We also thought these would make good labels for their school items if you just cut off the ends... which I might do if they left me any blank bracelets. 

They both decided that since the girl on the box was wearing 16 bracelets, that they each needed 16 bracelets. : | "Just one more, Mom!" *spin, spin, spin, click, punch, punch* "Next!"

After the initial bracelet frenzy died down a bit, Kaley got to work on her latest pen pal creation for Addison. She wouldn't let me take pictures of the entire latest letter she received but this little drawing was too cute not to share. There was also some tape and the line "We'll alway stick together". These girls crack me up.

Pink was the color of choice this time while creating two for her BFF. And since these bracelets can be stretched out flat, they are really easy to mail with no extra postage. :) Bonus.

Really cute and really easy to personalize. Cool Brands also makes a variety of other craft kits, including Knit's Cool too which apparently makes knitting really easy for kids (and adults that have no idea what they are doing!). I'm totally saving that one for Christmas since she's been reading "Judy Moody" lately and Judy is a big knitter. I had no idea but I like the idea of my kid making a scarf. Ha!

After she finished her letter and drawings, they showed off their bounty of arm decor. I don't know if she quite got to 16, but I'm pretty sure there is one in there that says "DOGS  CATS". I'm willing to bet they might have been getting a little short on ideas around number 12.

Austin's selection wasn't too shabby either. (And his freckles are the best!)

So if you're looking for an easy craft for the little ones, a great Christmas gift for a creative kid, or a way to craft personalized gifts for your bestest long distance BFF, Text Cool has you covered.
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