Laundry Room Gallery Wall - Part 1

Today’s the big day!! It's time for the latest edition of #SwapItLikeItsHot. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, #SwapItLikeItsHot is where a bunch of bloggers (more than 35 of us this time) all go out to a thrift store in their area and spend $10 or less. Then, we MAIL what we find to another blogger who is challenged with repurposing or making over whatever they get.  This entire week all of those bloggers have been showing off their reimagined masterpieces (links to all the the bottom!) and today the last five are up including...

This year my "junk" came from Evey from Evey's Creations. When it arrived my kids thought it was an Amazon surprise for them. Nope, sorry kids. Just junk for Mama. :)

My package contained two things. A small oval wood plate and six matching floral prints. I think.

These lovely floral prints are printed on a type of board, are backed with green felt, and are quite heavy. I think they might have something to do with placemats? I really have no idea. However, I do know that I actually really like them and want to use them just as they are in my daughter's room! Shhhh... don't tell anyone. I'm supposed to reimagine these but I don't want to destroy them. So until I figure out what that means.... on to the wood plate.

Ah, here it is. My first plan was to make this into a small tray using leftover cabinet hardware I had laying around.

So I began by sanding the entire thing.

Then I drilled some holes where the hardware should go and promptly after the holes were made I changed my mind. :)

You see, I've always loved the look of hand-painted old farm-ish signs and decided I really needed one of those more than I needed a tray. And, like I said, I decided that after I drilled the holes. Genius really.

So I painted the whole thing a bright teal and traced the outline of Florida on top avoiding the new holes which add character. Yeah, that's it.

Then I filled that in with black craft paint and added a white heart in the general area of where we live. And since I already had 4 holes just hanging out, I decided to string some ribbon through two of them for hanging.

Tah-dah. Then, I was like... where can I hang this? I know, the laundry room! It's quite ugly in there at the moment.

See what I mean?  Since day 1 I have been planning some sort of hinged panel to cover the breaker box and thought my new sign would be right at home in here.

So I ran around the house and collected things to hang on the wall with my new sign that would make me a less grumpy Mama while doing laundry.

They include... baby shoes (My kids are 8 and 6 and I'm still hanging on... it's cool. They're adorable. I can't get rid of them), a couple photos, a small vintage plate, a J for Jamey (the hubs), and an arrow I got at Hobby Lobby a while back but never found a place for. Then I arranged everything out on the floor and took pictures of my feet.

After that, I promptly Photoshopped my laundry room because I'm not quite ready to tackle an entire room renovation at the moment (slow it down, Sarah). It was only supposed to be a plate! You see what DIY does to you. It's a snow ball I tell ya. :) That's why this post is titled "Part 1". Part 2 will be when I actually paint that wall and hang everything.

But for now I have a plan and a really cute new sign to add to my 'gallery de laundry' when that day comes. I might even clean up that paint tray! Maybe. Now go swing by The Charming Farmer and see what magic Meagan created with the crap I sent her. Please head over to the other awesome bloggers that played along this time and see what kind of creativity they unleashed. 






  1. Holy cow! You have BLOWN this out of the water - so stinking awesome!!

  2. Wow, you did an amazing job! That teal looks great against the wood.

  3. My laundry room needs help too! What a great idea!

  4. LOL! You liked the print thingies! They were pretty awesome! ;) that whole wall is amazing! I definitely cracked up when I saw you photoshopped it! Such a Blogger-type thing to do! hahaha

  5. I have those same shoes! ;* Loving what you gathered from a gallery wall. The Florida sign is so cute.

  6. so fun! love the color and you did a great job with florida- impressed! i wonder if those little floral things are coasters?

  7. So fun! Love how you transformed it! Your laundry room plans look fantastic too!

  8. Sarah, you crack me up! I often find myself halfway through a project and changing my mind, too :-P I love your bowl-turned-state-art and I think your gallery wall is going to look fabulous!

  9. Your laundry room plans look great and that wall decor piece you created is just too awesome. Great job.

  10. Ha! Love the photoshop. DIY reveal loophole. The FL map is adorable. I love it! And those ARE placemats... my grandmothers have piles of those. Glad you kept as is. :) xx

  11. What an adorable idea. Love where your going with it! The color is so fresh! Like clean Laundry!

  12. cute! I think you should actually nail wood planks to the laundry room wall and hang the items on so it looks like the photo. :) Love the wall color with the wood. ;)

  13. The plate looks cute.I have to say that flooring makes an awesome backdrop for your gallery wall :) Got any extra laying around????

  14. Super cute repurpose! I love the addition of the baby shoes...so sweet in your pretty gallery wall!