I heard the Easter Bunny likes fabric rosettes.

Happy Easter!  How many times have you threatened to call the Easter Bunny and tell him not to come to curb some sort of behavior? 3? 4? I'm going on 6 I think. I actually picked up my phone and made The Call  tonight while child #1 shrieked and flailed at my feet. Mr. Bunny said he would give her one more chance if she apologized to her brother. I'm pretty sure she spit on him when she said sorry. : )

I'm sad I won't be able to use this one until Christmas again... when I call the north pole. After tomorrow I'll just have to go with the "I'm going to throw your Easter candy in the garbage" threat.  That one works too.  What?  Your Easter doesn't look like this...?

That's sibling love there.

But on to the crafting.  Have you seen the fabric rosettes that are everywhere?  Here and here for example?  I decided to give it a shot.  I used hot glue because I'm impatient and want it dry immediately. Even if it means burning the crap out of my fingers.

I did a headband first.  I started with a cheapy one I got in the dollar section at Michael's and wrapped it with an old maternity shirt I cut up.  A scrap of felt and a "pearl" later, here ya go.

I made the next one into a pin and thought I'd let kid #1 add it to dresses or whatever she wanted.  But after this weekend, I'm not convinced she won't stab her brother. I might hold off on giving it to her. Specifically I had this dress in mind...

This is a Goodwill find... $3.50 for a lined Old Navy dress.  Thanks Goodwill. : )

Eh?  Maybe a couple more and down near the bottom hem?  But that might make the dress hang weird.  Good thing it's a pin.

I sewed some little do dads to the middle for some sparkle but I'm not convinced I love them.  The fabric is a sheet remnant from the duvet cover I sewed.

So shop Goodwill and don't be afraid to glue/sew some crap to what you find.  It's easier than you think to make ugly/smelly things look cute.

And if you're wondering why there is no model in any of these pictures, it's because kid #1 was in this mood most of the weekend....

Happy Easter!


  1. This post is too adorable...looks like someone had a memorable Easter. :) I love your rosette headband! I just finally made a rosette bib necklace this past weekend, I can't get enough of these accessories!

  2. You are hilarious... our Easter was similar... lots of attitude from all the kiddos... ;-) ... good times, right?

    thanks for the shout out! ;-)