In memory of my 20's

So confession: I'm not exactly 30 yet.  29 and 11+ months.  The big day is the 30th of April.  I'm saying goodbye to my carefree 20's this month (well, the beginning of my 20's were carefree... the husband and kids came along right in the middle there and "carefree" was quickly replaced with crying, diapers, work, poop, laundry, dishes... etc...) and hello to what?  What do you call the 30s? Thrilling? Thoughtful? Thrifty?  Just trying to come up with "T-H" words.  Anyway.

I'm excited to be taken more seriously... like a real adult. Yey me! But I'm also sad to be noticing the models from my favorite store seem to be getting younger and younger.  Hmmm.  They look like 16 year olds in sensible chic work wear (see below).  It's very odd. What 16 year old is wearing $250 worth of Ann Taylor in the real world?  I wouldn't want to stuff that in a locker when you have to change into your gym clothes.  It's probably dry clean only.  I'm sure they've always been this young.  I'm just not anymore... so I get to make fun of them now. Ha!

I clearly remember being a junior in high school at soccer practice one day (not wearing Ann Taylor) and another girl was singing a line from a song..."I still remember, when 30 was old"...  I remember thinking, "but 30 IS old".  And another time, I was about 22, and at a bar with a guy and 10 or so random people who were friends of friends of friends (why did I always travel in a flock back then?). One of the girls asked me if I was 30 because that's what she heard and I remember being so offended! "NO, I am not 30!" 

Now it's here. The day I thought I would be "old". Sure, I have a few wrinkles now (Can you believe I actually laid in a tanning booth back then?!), but I also have further confirmation that I indeed was young and stupid once.  30 is not old.

So, I'm excited to start a part of my life where I am still young and less of an idiot.  At the same time I get these little visions of myself getting older. They're not good.  I'm a little scared that I will slowly start to turn into a homely frumpy mom who's let herself go, puts her kids in pageants, and wears those horrible velor sweat pants in public.  All I'm missing down there is a scrunchie and a nice muffin top. See?  Bad, is't it?

My husband would argue that that will never happen, noting my obsession love for Ann Taylor Loft and the time I put into blow drying my hair. He's probably right. I'm powerless against the forces of LOFT sale items, they don't sell sweat pants, I hate pageants and I love make-up.

I guess I'm ready.  My mini skirt days might be over (thanks to the varicose veins my kids gave me) but they will be replaced with a nice chic pencil skirt (that I plan to sew)... not sweat pants.  Bring it on 30!


  1. I hope I am this clear headed next year when I hit the big 30. I guess it's a good thing that I don't particularly enjoy sweat pants. Maybe I could get you to sew me a pencil skirt =)

  2. I seriosuly am loving all your craft ideas. I can't even remember how I found your blog. I think I stumbled upon during a linky party, but I now your newest follower. Your blog is so much fun!

  3. I so appreciated reading this post just now. I turn 30 in just about 3 weeks and while I've tried to play calm about it - it does give a little bit of anxiety. like there's some things I need to do while I'm still in my 20's. But I like you got married and have two kids as of my mid-twenties and am really quite ready for the security, comfort, and confidence that being 30 brings. Yet, why do I still feel this little panic in me!? How's it been for you since your bday? Also, how did you celebrate, out of curiousity?

  4. Thank goodness I found your blog on craftgawker. You're saying all the things I think, but could never put into words as eloquently. As a mother of two about to turn 28, I look forward to reading more!

  5. Amanda... since the big 30 it's been pretty much like it was at 29. haha Not really a big deal. I celebrated by going to Vegas with my husband for a long weekend while my parents watched the kids! Pretty awesome... and my first vacation sans kids. I was really worried about leaving them at first but it all worked out great.

  6. Shut up. I'll be 40 in but a few months, so just Shut. Up.
    By the way, I *heart* your blog. Because you sew like I do (although I'm not as big a hot glue gun fan as you, having stuck my fingers together with one and damn, that hurts). Because you talk like I do (I'm guessing you "clean it up" for blog purposes?). And because you don't try to be all Mary Friggin' Poppins like the majority of craft bloggers. And for that, I thank you.

    1. You crack me up! Yes, I do "clean it up a bit" for the blog and you got that right... I am no Mary Poppins. I like sewing, I love my kids... but it's not all magic and rainbows all the time. Hopefully that comes through! :) And for the record... I'll be 31 in a week. So I'm officially in my 30's! (Sometimes I feel 60... is that normal?)