DIY Bookends Roundup

So later this year I'm attending Haven, my first blog conference, to figure out how to do this better... well, that's the goal anyway. We'll see how that goes. Through signing up for that, I started to explore stalk other bloggers who were coming too so I could at least try to remember faces and names come conference time. Normally I forget someone's name 3 seconds after they tell it to me. It's horrible. I have the short term memory of a gnat. Anyway, I don't know if blog stalking others is going to help me in name-remembering, but it did help me find some new blogs/bloggers including Christine from First Home Love Life

She recently posted about her office-makeover-in-progress which will include some bookends she found at Goodwill and revamped with a quick coat of paint. Sooooo, that got me thinking about other ways to DIY bookends. After some Pinteresting and Googling, I found quite a few ideas that I just might try.  

So here it is... my DIY Bookends Roundup.

First up, the revamped painted Goodwill bookends from First Home Love Life. I just love how modern these look in gold. So chic. I wonder how many people passed up these babies before Christine got a hold of 'em.

Next is another painted option. But, instead of traditional bookends, Megan, from Brassy Apple, and her daughter found a beat-up toy elephant and painted it bright pink. Love the color choice! Very easy way to recycle some of those toys that have been around the block a time or two.

How's this for a funky option? I found this one on Home Sessive. Basically, you melt old vinyl records into an L shape and sit your books on top. Perfect for a music room and another good way to recycle something old.

How about some urban chic? This bookend via The Beat My Heart Skipped was made from a Ferrero Rocher container and concrete! I love this and I'm now thinking about everything I have around my house I can use as a concrete mold. hmmmm

And last is one with lots of possibilities. These "read" bookends by Pinster Sisters are so simple and so cute. You could make the bookends say whatever you wanted. Well, I guess it would have to be fairly short or you'd have giant bookends :). I saw another pin with bookends that said "love". And, I thought you could do personalized ones with your kid's name for all their bedtime stories too.

So since summer is here and I know you have nothing to do (ha!) this might be a good quick craft to try. What do ya think? Crafty and functional... I'm all for it. :)


  1. Thanks for featuring my "READ" book ends! I'm loving the record bookends too - so creative. So glad I found your blog - love your style!

  2. Love it and I am liking them all .. hugs and have a blessed day

  3. Love the round-up of bookends! I think I like the "RE and AD" best!!