Complete Your Beach Bag with Huggies Little Swimmers

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So it's officially summer! Time for swimming, the beach, sand, sun, and BBQ's with family and friends. As the kids in my family get older and more dependent on the school calendar, more and more of our get-togethers are occurring poolside in the summer months. This year has been no exception. That booty up there is my nephew Blake trying to keep up with his older sister and cousins. Only thing is, Blake isn't quite ready for potty training yet. So to keep him in with the "big kids" and assure grandpa doesn't have to, ahem, sanitize the pool (we've all been there), we head to Target and get Huggies Little Swimmers to keep around.
When my kids were little we went on a pool/beach vacation and I forgot the swim diapers. I was seriously stressing about it. No stores close by and I did not want to chance being the family that cleared the pool. Luckily, when we were checking in the girl behind the desk heard me stressing out and like magic, had packs of Little Swimmers behind the desk for hotel guests and their little ones. They got one glowing review from me when we got home. I realize they are diapers, but I felt like I hit the lottery. haha! The little things when you're a frazzled mom on vacation, ya know?!

Even soaking wet they don't swell up and explode little gel balls everywhere :) Ever wash a diaper on accident? I have. It's not fun.

So if you're headed to the pool or beach this summer, I have a coupon for you ($1.50 off!) and pack the Little Swimmers for the little bums in your family. Give yourself one less thing you have to worry about.


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  2. These pictures are just beautiful! You can really tell that these are a must-have for you! And we used the exact same ones when Alea was still in diapers! Aren't they amazing? Hope you guys had fun at the pool!

    Chelsea from Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles

    1. Thanks Chelsea! Yes, even though my kids are out of swim diapers, I have so many friends and family with little ones that we just keep them on hand. I loved them when my kids were at that age.