Shedding Light on My Healthy Lifestyle with All You Magazine

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So if you've poked around the blog a bit, you get the drift that I'm a crafty DIYer. What you may not know is I'm kind of a crunchy granola hippie too... as it was described to me by a friend once. haha :)  A lot of what I buy and feed my family is either organic, all natural, wild caught (no farmed fish) or lately, locally grown... either from our tiny container garden (pic below... I'm so proud!) or local farmer's markets. 

And that's not just food either. We have natural soaps, toothpaste, sun screen, deodorant, and even lip gloss at my house. So when I got the opportunity to talk about All You Magazine and all the healthy lifestyle info it has to offer, I took it as my chance to come clean. My name is Sarah, and I'm a hippie.

Last week while on our way to visit the zoo in Tampa, we stopped at Sweetbay Supermarket for drinks and healthy snacks so we didn't end up with overpriced onion rings and burgers. That's when I picked up All You Magazine. There's lots of crafty tips and projects, coupons, and recipes on top of the healthy lifestyle info.  Lot's to keep me entertained for the trip home :) Note to self: try yoga.

One article in particular got me thinking. I was a big line up of deodorants and what each one has to offer... natural ones included. My husband uses a natural one... has for years, but I've been a holdout. What can I say... I'm scared of stinking! I've tried my husband's brand and while it works great for him, I end up smelling like a 13 year old boy straight from gym class by 3pm. However, the article got me re-motivated to try something better for my body. So I started to snoop and found Ann Marie's, from White House Black Shutters, post on how to make deodorant.

On top of it being much better for your body, it's way cheaper too. So I mixed up batch (full recipe here!) and started "the test".  So far so good. No "ode de gym socks" here... and have I mentioned it's July in Florida? Yep. If this isn't the ultimate test, I don't know what is. Granted, it won't keep you from sweating, but it's perfect for the days I spend 8+ hours in an office chair. It might be a small thing, but combined with the other small things I do, it adds up to a healthier me.

So now you know, while painting that dresser or sewing some curtains, I'm snacking on organic foods and not stinking with my natural deodorant, ha! Join me on the "hippie side", won't you? Click here to find out where to buy All You Magazine near you... and get a coupon. That's right, you can get a coupon to buy the magazine full of coupons! 

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  1. I'm all for the organic lifestyle as well. Just about everything we eat now is organic. I should try making Jon homemade deodorant since he is already hippy with his current deodorant lol.