Easy Curtain Shelf

Have you even bought or made curtains only to find out the curtain rod you want is just as expensive as the curtains themselves? I hate that. The nice thick substantial ones are so pricey (or maybe I'm cheap). So I came up with a solution that is not only less than a curtain rod but also provides storage! 2 birds, one stone, right? 

A week or so back I posted the curtains I made for Operation Big Girl Room.  Today I'm showing you how I put together the shelf I hung the curtains from.


  • 2 brackets or corbels. I bought mine at Home Depot in the moulding section (ranging from about $5 - $10 each) but they also have them in the curtains section (with holes already) and I've seen salvaged corbels at several thrift stores before. Shop around. They just need to be thick enough to drill a large hole through for your rod.
  • Wood dowel slightly wider than your window. Mine is 1 1/2" I think and cost about $1.50
  • Shelf same width as your dowel. We had ours in the garage from a closet project that never happened!
Step 1
Drill a hole in the center of the corbels. Notice I painted first then drilled. Learn from my mistake. You will have to touch up if you paint first. So do yourself a favor and drill now. I used this bit on my drill. It's slightly wider than my dowel.

Just measure the same distance from each side in, and draw a little "x". Place the center of the drill bit on the "x".

Step 2
Prime and paint your shelf and brackets. (If you need help with the painting, I painted this project the same way I painted the Tween Table for this room. Click here for that tutorial.) If you were using a wood shelf, you could also stain instead of paint. I also painted my rod white to go better with the room. I think painting the rod is probably optional but it makes it look more finished. And, cheater tip... I only painted the bottom and sides of the shelf. No one is ever going to see the top!

Step 3
Hang the corbels on the wall just like you would curtain rod brackets.  Make sure to leave enough room from the ceiling so you'll be able to display things on the shelf. Put the dowel with curtains in the holes, and place the shelf on top. You can secure the shelf to the brackets with small crews from the top if you wish.
Since I hung the brackets far enough apart, the ends of the rod are kind of hidden inside the corbels. If yours stick out you could paint the ends a cool pop of color, screw on a cabinet knob maybe, or add a decorative cap.

That's it. Easy peasy and a place to stash all those dress-up purses I know you have in a pile in the bottom of your closet. :)

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  1. I love this. I love those curtains too. I love the tape wall. LOVE the big girl room. I know she is proud. Great post and who knew how to make that shelf. MAKES me want to try this . LOVE It . Hugs and a big thanks for showing us HOW TO SISTER

    1. Thanks Sherry! So sweet :) You always make my morning!

  2. Great solution to display storage!

  3. Pink color for curtains is looking fabulous.

  4. Looks Great! I did something similar but used tension rods just in case I want to use the materials for something else later.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Nichole! I did this in my first house too in my tiny bathroom because there was no place to store towels. :) Worked great (I guess it helps that I'm tall too and could reach the towels up there) haha