Chores: Helping Out and Having Fun with Kids + Chore Chart Printable

Whoa. I'm busy people. Really. Busy. I'm in one of those stages where I feel overwhelmed by the amount of "to-do's" that need to be checked off my never-ending list. While I was in a blissful lull for a while at real work, that abruptly ended when back-to-school season reared its ugly head (busy season for the education business and all). Also, my own kids started school again, as well as soccer season. That combo has tuned my evenings into a swiftly moving machine—churning out a well-balanced dinner, a few homework assignments, and clean underwear like clockwork. So between all of the things that have to get done, it's hard to find time for anything else. Cue chores.

Growing up, I never had chores. That's not to say I never had to help out. I emptied the dishwasher, made my bed (occasionally), and picked some weeds once in a while but there was nothing official. No chart or expectations. I just did some work whenever my parents asked me to. My kids, on the other hand, want real-deal chores. They ask for them regularly. I swear. It's either the ages they are at or I struck gold with these two. So we're making it official with the help of our #BigGreenBox from Swiffer and a fancy new chore chart. (Click here and here for the printable chart PDFs).

When our box arrived the kids were pumped. To be fair, they practically tackle every delivery person who's truck happens to slow near our house, but this time they were extra excited that they got to open and dig through everything. And I was excited they were excited about cleaning. :)
Swiffer Duster assembly takes quite the concentration.
Then they began madly cleaning everything in sight. Apparently the door needed dusting.
"I'll do in here mom!" While at first I thought this afternoon was going to end up as just something we'll do to pass the time until daddy gets home, they really did clean!
Can you smell the freshness? I really like that you can use the Swiffer Sweeper wet or dry. One very small tool that fits behind the laundry room door and does double duty.

After they tested everything out we came up with a real list of chores a four and six year old could realistically complete. I just tried to think of things that would really help me out and that would make them feel proud as they checked them off their lists. They include emptying the dishwasher, running the Swiffer Sweeper around, putting away laundry, and feeding Fishie to name a few.
Fishie is our goldfish who lives right outside our son's bedroom and is his responsibility to feed. Problem is, when you're four years old, 75% of the fish flakes get in the tank and the other 25% get everywhere else. We've decided to hang the Swiffer Duster next to the fish flakes. Now he feeds and cleans up right after. It's a thing of beauty I tell you and no one has fish flakes stuck to their socks.

After our chore success, we thought about who else would love a Big Green Box as a surprise. My brother and sister-in-law were the target. With 3 kids and 3 dogs, we knew they would appreciate the #SwifferEffect like we did. We came over to visit one evening and I told them I'd be ringing the doorbell with a surprise. My kids are in that mix too... It makes me laugh because kid after kid just keep coming out of the door. haha

Did you have chores as a kid? Do your kids have chores? So far the enthusiasm is still there and the kids are still excited to use their Swiffer Duster and Sweeper. Let's hope I can keep this going so Mama can keep her sanity :)

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Such a good post:) So cute watching the kids do the chores. We love Swiffers! I have them on the boat and in the house!