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As summer wraps it up and the days of schedules, routine, and homework roll back in, I appreciate more than ever a good pair of stretchy pants, don't you? ;) When school's back in my days get packed full of deadlines and drop-offs, lunch-packing and pick-ups. All of this happening in non-stretchy clothing. Why's it gotta be so stiff?

It all starts at 6am when my alarm goes off and I ignore it until my husband starts poking me to get up. Then on with the work attire, getting the kids up, dressed, and fed, packing the lunches, organizing the backpacks, and pouring the coffee.  Out the door for work, run a few sweaty errands at lunch, then back to work to make sure I get it all wrapped up by 4pm so I can be on time to pick up the kids, and hurl them into the car to rush to whatever practice happens to be that night. Then it's usually an errand or two on the way back home (with two very sweaty, tired children in tow... always a good time), throw some dinner together, homework, baths, bed, ... repeat. This is my cardio.

So I thought I'd have a little fun today with a printable celebrating my at-home uniform and letting you know I got your back as we head back into the trenches this fall. I work, I mom, I blog, I wife. I get it. It's hard and we all deserve to sit on the couch in our stretchy pants for that 10 minutes of quiet time each night (even though I know we'll probably be folding laundry). Just click the image to download the 8"x10" PDF printable. Enjoy.

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