Sewing: Felt Pillow

Here's a project that came about because I saw this pillow here and wanted to make it immediately. Not having all of the supplies I should have at home and not wanting to go shopping, I winged it with what I could find. It actually came out better than I thought, though one of the most tedious projects ever! Seriously, if you're into quick, don't do this. It took forever!

I had small sheets of felt at home, not one large piece. Therefore, the front is actually made up of 4 of those pieces sewed together. That's why you can see that lovely seem down the middle.

Next, you have to cut about a million small circles. Since I do not have any sort of die cutting machine, I cut them all with scissors. Lots of swearing and several episodes of Biggest Loser later, I had about 1/4 of the circles I needed. Ugh. On to Hoarders and more cutting.

Next, I ran out of the pink felt I used for front of the pillow and had to make more circles out of a different color pink. I planned on it all being the same shade but I REALLY didn't feel like buying more felt.

And finally, since I used up all of the pink felt to make horrible circles, I had none to make a back for the pillow. What to do, What to do? Scour your kid's room for anything that is pink and they won't miss! Yeah, that's it! I found an old baby blanket in my daughter's room... Pink stripes, close enough!

In the tutorial I followed, all of the circles were sewed by hand! No really, by hand. If I went that route, I'd still be sewing circles. Instead, I folded and grouped them in twos and ran the bottoms under the sewing machine. Then, I hot glued the clusters to the pillow front. I was sure they were going to fall off eventually, but 6 months of being on a 3-year-old's bed later, still holding strong! Yeay hot glue!

It really is a cool pillow. I've gotten several compliments on it and a few people who wanted to know if I'd make them one... to which I kindly directed them to the tutorial and wished them luck. : )

My kid loves her ruffle pillow too.

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  1. I love, love LOVED this pillow when I saw it also! I get the itch to make one every time I see it online. Yours turned out awesome!!
    Welcome to the blogging world--I love your posts already! :)
    <3 Anngela's Pretty Little Things