Sewing: Baby Yoga Pants

So, I have a confession. I have made very few things for my little boy. Let's admit it... girl stuff is just so cute and easy to make. A skirt is a tube of fabric with an elastic at the top. Easy peasy. Pants and shirts are harder.

I knew a lot of bloggers/crafters out there were making pajama pants (Or yoga pants. Many people stop short of calling them "pajama pants" because of all the rules there are with infant pajamas... fire resistant, yada yada) so I decided to give it a try. If they can do it, I can do it, right? Because I was pretty sure these were going to come out terrible, I didn't buy anything for this project. : ) Here's where I went for instruction.

I cut up an old t-shirt of my husband's (he won't even know it's gone... I think it had Woody Woodpecker on the front. Eww.) and used navy blue thread because I didn't have any brown. Ha! You can even see the blue thread in the pictures. Bad, I know. However, they actually turned into functional pants! Even with my lack luster attitude, I managed to make some pretty stinking cute yoga pants for my little man. (ok, maybe it's the baby that is making them cute... and not the actual pants that are cute..hmmm)

My mistake this round: I cut the crotch length too short (Maybe I should have paid attention more to step 6 in the tutorial... haha, nervous laughter). Before you sew the elastic in, it looks like you are making old man pants that are going to come up to his pits. But, after you fold it down twice and make the casing for the elastic, they should come up right to his belly button. I saw the old man pants taking shape prior to making the elastic casing and cut them down. Now they don't come up high enough to cover his diaper. Oh well. Live and learn.

There's his big sister showing off the brown pants/blue thread special in her stylin' purple monkey jammies, as we call them. (Gotta love Target clearance)

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