Mom Tips Part 1

Because I was the first of my friends to have kids, I became the veteran mom when they started to have kids. Not that I have 8 kids or anything, but I had one kid at the time that had made it to two years old. So I think they figured if she was still alive, I'm doing something right. Here are some tips I have come up with that seem to have worked well for me.

• Buy used. They are going to out grow it, poop on it, puke on it, draw on it, swim in dirt in it anyway.

• Use the money you saved buying used to start a college fund.

• Park next to the cart returns in parking lots. You can load up toddlers and heavy baby car seats and push them into the store. Less sweating on your part.

• When your baby/toddler wakes up with a high fever, administer Tylenol and wait 15 minutes before making any decisions about rushing to the emergency room at 3am.

• Use coupons. If you are going to buy the stuff anyway, save the $3. If someone mailed you $3 in cash, you'd take it. $3 in coupons on things you buy anyway is the same thing... cash in your pocket.

• Buy Pampers. Cheap diapers suck.

• Take a lot of pictures and videos. You'll never regret having too many.

• When your newborn cries or makes any noise for that matter, just feed them. Ignore that every 3 hour BS. Pretty much never stop feeding them until they are 3 months-ish. Then maybe you can start timing things. (I credit Jess with this one)

• You will say the words... "but I just fed him/her" a hundred times when you have a newborn. See above tip on what to do.

• Daycare is never going to be awesome. There are going to be days when you hate dropping them off. But there are going to be days you can't wait to drop them off and sing old school Mariah Carry in your car as you drive away sipping your coffee for the 20 minute "me-time" you get on the way to work. It's a trade-off. Find the balance that works for you.

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