Easy Holiday Gift Idea for Teachers

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If you're a working mama like me (you're multitasking while reading this, there's laundry on the dining room table, and the bathroom garbage needs to be emptied... but that's beside the point), you've probably got one or more little ones heading to daycare each morning. Before this year, I had two. At our daycare the kids have a main teacher, but are really cared for by many members of the staff. Since daycare is open long hours, half way through the day teacher two comes in to relieve teacher one. There's another person who covers lunch breaks. Floaters and assistants pitch in on the playground, in the halls, and at nap time. And, there's an office staff who give out lolly pops on Fridays (okay, they do other stuff too but that's all the kids care about). It's a well-oiled, child care machine and I am grateful!

Because it really is a small village that cares for my not-so-baby while I'm working, bringing in one gift for his main teacher just doesn't work for me. So, every year we deliver a bunch of goodies for the entire staff to share... lotions, manicure kits, chocolate, gum, supplies, etc. This year is no different except I cranked it up a notch.

Instead of a holiday gift bag that's just going to either get tossed or regifted next year, I went to Target and got a Rubbermaid Bento Organizer. Oh la la. Even my simple, inexpensive gifts (hit up the dollar section while you're at Target!) look special packed up in their little bento compartments. And, when the gifts have been distributed, they can use the Rubbermaid Bento to keep the office organized. Double giftage!

The little flaps on the inside pop out to make a couple different configurations. I popped them both out to keep all of our goodies separated. (You gotta keep 'em sep-ar-ated!... am I showing my age with that song reference?) Candies and gum, office supplies, pampering goodies all tucked away. No mosh pit of cheer... everything neat and pretty for delivery. AND, if you click here, there's a Target coupon for $1 off the organizer. Our Target here had several sizes and patterns available.

My little elf packed everything himself.

Tie it up.

Head out with your box of joy (and try not to eat all the chocolate before it gets there).
So, what are your go-to, stress-free teacher gifts you put together each year? I'd love to hear your ideas! They're always so creative. Happy gifting.