Postcard Gallery Wall

So, operation big girl room is still an ongoing process. Ongoing meaning mama's been too busy finding creative places to hide Christmas presents to sew any pillows (these kids could be detectives). But, we did get another project done. A few months back Kaley was invited to an American Girl doll birthday party. All the girls dressed up fancy and had a lovely afternoon "tea" (or apple juice) with their dolls. Very cute. In the goody bag to take home from that party was a book of American Girl Doll post cards.

Now, since I am of the thrifty genus and cannot bring myself to spend that kind of money on a doll (we have the Target knockoff) I was not familiar with American Girl. So, I was rather surprised to find such awesome sayings on the postcards we took home. 

So... I thought it would be cool to make them into artwork for her room. She likes the colors and designs too so it's a win win if you ask me. Off to IKEA!
I purchased 16 Ribba frames in gray for $1.99 each. They didn't really have a color that jives with the room so I knew I'd be painting them.

Then I busted out the brightest purple Rust-Oleum makes and went to town.

After they dried I reassembled the frames and added a bazillion Command strips to the backs. Besides the fact that they don't put any holes in the wall, I always use Command strips for a gallery hanging situation. With 16 frames side by side there is no way you'd keep them all hanging straight on nails. If you stick them up with the strips, they don't move ever. Love it.

So now they hang over her bed and some nights she asks me to read a few to her. My favorite is "What I think matters." I think I like that one the most because I need reminding of that sometimes. So while I'm a little sad her pictures of Disney princesses no longer plaster the walls (she's still rocking a Brave poster though), I'm happy they were replaced with something preaching girl power. Hopefully a few of these tiny messages stick.

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  1. super cool idea Kammy.... hhhmmm you got me thinking now... feeling very inspired :) ... Happy holidays and merry Christmas :)

  2. Crazy question.. But do you leave the tabs for the command strips sticking out? If not, how do you remove them when the time comes? I love the idea and would like to use it as well since we're renters.

    1. Hey! Nope. I use the two part kind. So one command strip sticks to the wall and it's sort of like velcro (sticky side of the strip goes on the wall, velcro-like side faces out). The other strip sticks to the frame (also sticky one side, velcro-ey on the other). Then you stick the two velcro-ish strips together. The tabs are hidden behind the frames. Then the frames pop right on and off the wall but the sticky strips stay on the frames and on the wall until you pull the tabs (which are hidden when the frames are up). Make sense?