'Twas the Month Before Christmas...

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Cottonelle, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #CottonelleHoliday  http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO.

Did you really write a poem about toilet paper? I did. When I got the opportunity to tell you about Cottonelle Triple Roll I thought, what else is there to tell about toilet paper? Then I remembered that fateful night. (Insert dramatic music) It's story must be told. So sit back, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and and let me entertain you with my TP tales... "The Month Before Christmas".

Twas the month before Christmas, the calendar was marked,
Our party was approaching, tensions were sparked.
The house had been cleaned by the family with care,
In hopes that our friends soon would be there.

The kids made ornaments, the tree was decked out,
A popsicle stick Rudolph was ready to tout.
The music was festive and fun as could be,
And gifts were all wrapped, right under the tree.

The drinks were chilled all snug in their ice,
While mountains of cookies baked warm and nice.
The kids dressed up, even brushed their teeth,
The house was ready with lights and a wreath.

The guests arrived all in droves of twenty,
I knew in a moment, they'd all be hungry.
So into the kitchen I flew like a flash,
To stir the sauce and give the taters a mash.

The best hostess ever, I must say that I was,
Chatting up friends and keeping the room a buzz.
The food was served, libations were flowing,
People were happy, the tree was still glowing.

You could say it was great; the best party ever,
A total success, merry and clever.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a tiny naked booty running ever so near.

In the midst of all the giggles and stares,
I scooped up that child and ran back upstairs.
He'd been shouting from the potty for a mom busy hosting,
"Help! We have no TP!" was the cry he'd been boasting.

To the top of the stairs, to the edge of the wall,
That naked booty came down and announced to us all.
The TP was out and he was glad to share,
Mom forgot the triple roll, all naked and bare.

The guests thought it was cute, downright charming,
But when a toddler's unwiped bum runs through your party, I find it alarming.
So I've learned my lesson, have no doubt,
I done with the single roll, no more skimping out.

Off to Target, we went really fast,
I used this coupon, while supplies last.
Cottonelle Triple Roll 12 pack, that be the ticket,
Free Kleenex too, that's why we'd pick it.

Now the rolls stay full longer, and I can sit back,
The naked booties no longer come to the party and attack!
So, if your party was ever ruined; no TP was the reason,
Pick up Cottonelle Triple Roll at Target and relax; enjoy this season.

The End.
Do you feel like your holiday is complete now? It's a Christmas classic for sure! Happy holidays!


  1. OMG! I love your poem!!! Everyone needs TP! ;)

  2. SUCH a clever poem! I chuckled at the thought of that naked-tush running around during your dinner party. And thanks for the coupon, lady!

  3. WHEW knew you were a poem writer my friend. JUST LOVED IT (TOO CUTE)

    1. Hahaha! Thanks Sherry! My husband was like... you actually wrote this? You didn't get it from somewhere? Ummmm.... how many people do you know that are writing TP poems??? YES, I wrote it! lol

  4. This is amazing!!!! Thanks for the coupon, too!