10 Things You Didn't Know About Me (or maybe you did)

It's a new year! Time for resolutions and fresh starts and new running shoes because you are going to stick with it this year. Time to get those Pinterest projects done and clear out the clutter. Time to eat better, spend more time "unplugged", and save money. Time to plan that great vacation (finally), do more for me, and have more date nights. Try some new recipes, curb the road rage, and read? I may have a couple or 5 of those things on my list starting this January. (Already bought the running shoes but I can't guarantee I'll find the time to read). Can I read while I run? Hmmm. Might help the road rage.

Included in that fresh start umbrella is the blog. I'm going to try some new things and let you know a little more about me. I'm funny (I think) or at least I have a good sense of humor and I'm funny looking. I think that counts. Anyway. Rather than list out my resolutions for this year (75% of which I know will probably drop off sometime around February when the Valentine's Day candy starts rolling in) I figured I'd start by giving you a top 10 about me. At least then you'll know if you like me or not. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be in love by #6 and if not, have a beer or two and read them again. 

Here we go.

#1.  I'm 33. I got married at 25. Had my first baby at 26 and my second at 28. This factory has been closed for 5 years now. It will not be reopening unless I fall into that .01% that magically override surgical procedures. And I never win anything (money or embryos included) so I don't see that happening.

#2.  I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis a few years ago. Google that, the pics should be fun. Because of that, I dabble somewhere between the Paleo Diet and gluten free most of the time. So far, I haven't been able to kick the meds but that's my goal. Figuring out my "trigger-free" diet is going to take time. My love of dark chocolate and half and half in my coffee is making it a little difficult.

#3.  I have big feet. Size 10. When I try on shoes they look nothing like the size 6 they have as the floor model shoe. I buy a lot of shoes based on how small they make my feet look. Bowling ally shoe guys and skating rink skate attendants judge. I know they do. I'm on to you shoe rental people.

#4.  I don't get grossed out or offended easily. Poop jokes, excessive gas, raunchy comments... usually all comedy gold.  I've cleaned up every bodily fluid children can produce without gagging  (sometimes in amazingly large volumes for such a tiny body).  However, sticking my hand in the garbage disposal to remove something jammed up is where I draw the line. That grosses me out just typing it. 

#5.  I have no tattoos but several holes/scars where piercings of my late teens used to be.

#6.  I love thrift stores and Goodwill but have started to realize not everyone else shares my affinity. After my 4th or 5th semi-grossed out wide eye stare from a stranger, who complimented something I was wearing or one of my kids was wearing and I proudly announced "I got that at Goodwill for a buck!", I've stopped announcing it. I just say thank you and keep it to myself that I'm a smarter shopper than they are. :)

#7.  I can move my eyes independently of one another. I thought all people could do this until I did it one day and freaked some people out. It gives me a slight headache but hey, anything to entertain a crowd.

#8.  I get motion sickness ALL THE TIME. On a boat, in a car, landing in a plane (my palms just got sweaty on that one), at amusement parks, on a playground swing. If it spins, forget it. I probably can't even watch. I blame my 5th grade field trip to Kennedy Space Center on this. I was chosen to do "the spinning chair" and I think I almost died. Thanks space camp.

#9.  I don't have a favorite color. How could anyone just pick one? There are different colors for different things, no one is good for being my favorite for all. 

#10.  I've visited somewhere around 15 countries (some of Europe post-college is a fog and I'm too lazy to get out a map and count accurately right now) and I can't wait to visit more with my kids... as soon as they are old enough to realize we are in another country and what a country is... and how much that gelato is costing. Until then, day trips to Disney, the park, and our backyard are good.


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