The Boxtrolls Movie Night with Free Popcarn Box Printable

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So I feel like my oldest kid is right on that line of thinking I'm the coolest person ever and being totally embarrassed by me. At the ripe old age of 7, my "I love you"s out the car window in the mornings get a stabbing side-eye instead of a loving response in front of classmates. Holding hands? Not if there is a chance someone her age might see her. Heaven forbid they think she is a "baby". But at home I get asked to play school, or dolls, or barbies hourly. She loves to have me read to her, and brush her hair, and snuggle at bedtime. I know little by little, those things too will go in favor of independence and teenage rebellion, but right now I'm hanging on. That's why making time for family activities now is kind of a big deal.

This week, thanks to some chilly weather and seemingly never-ending rain (I thought I lived in The Sunshine State?), we planned a family-tastic movie night at home along with do-it-yourself snacks, and an easy craft to help keep those snacks out of your couch cushions. 
I started at Walmart on my lunch break the other day because I knew that The Boxtrolls came out on DVD this week (plus we needed TP).  I've mastered the whole park at the garden center and run through the back isles technique to make sure I make it back in time for those 1:00pm meetings. So, while gripping TP with my elbow under one arm, and balancing some groceries with the other, I added the DVD and some Pop Secret to my pile then cruised through checkout like a working mom ninja.

Next, I designed a little popcorn box printable in the style of The Boxtrolls to make with the kids before the movie. Click here to download the free PDF.  The box will print out on two pieces of paper. It would be awesome if you had card stock, but no sweat if you don't. We used crappy printer paper and it worked just fine. You'll just need some scissors and a glue stick to assemble. Relatively mess free. Score.

Here's what you do.

Step 1:
Cut out both pieces of the box.

Step 2:
Fold the sides of the box inward (the outside has the printing on it... the inside is white). There are 2 sides on each piece for a total of 4 sides.

Step 3:
Fold all the flaps in.

Step 4:
On each piece, add glue to the flap that's between the two printed squares and stick them together. Don't glue the other flap yet.

Do this for both printouts so you have something that looks like this.

Step 5:
Join both pieces together. It doesn't matter which piece is on top when they slide together. Just add some glue to the other flaps now and between the bottom pieces and you're in business.

Once our boxes were assembled, we filled 'em up with Pop Secret and added a few sweet mixings as a special treat. You can get The Boxtrolls DVD and the same 10-count box of Pop Secret Home-Style Popcorn I got (it's yummy) at Walmart while supplies last. You know you'll be there this week getting TP and shampoo anyway. ;)

We not only had family snuggle time while watching the movie but cracked jokes, talked about school, and laughed a lot while making the boxes and the popcorn too.

There's even a spot on the side to write your name.
I also made up a quick "popcorn" banner too while I was in the design mood. Click here to download the banner.

Now someone lay off the fast forward button because she just can't possibly be this old already.

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